Recently we have witnessed continuous growth in the demand for higher performance in terms of CPU, RAM, hard disk and graphic card, mainly to follow market trends, rather than the actual needs of enterprise users. In fact, a large portion of employees typically use only a limited set of applications: MS Office, e-mail client, Internet browsers and audio/video communication clients.

The continuous improvement of workstation performance has increased purchase, management and maintenance costs, mainly to keep up with MS Windows’ growth trend and not to address the real needs of businesses.

Secure-K has been created primarily for large and medium–sized companies, which work in standard environments and are centrally managed by a technical department. In such environments, software and hardware needs are carefully evaluated and implemented for all users securely and monitored closely, paying special attention to the security of both data and access to the corporate network.

Secure-K is a revolutionary encrypted Secure Operating System tuned for enterprise compliance and fitted in a robust USB body.

Built with portability, cost effectiveness and security in mind.

The winning features are data protection for security and privacy, a complete Backend Ecosystem to integrate seamlessly with the existing Microsoft Server infrastructure and a super secure automatic backup and restore procedure of the entire OS.

More than just a new product, Secure-K will revolutionize the paradigm of current information system standards, which haven’t really changed in the past 15 years.



Our idea is for you to carry, in your pocket, a small yet reliable and extremely secure USB key, avoiding heavy and expensive laptops.

Secure-K is capable of booting on any x86 hardware you may have, even obsolete, providing you a great and full featured user experience thanks to its innovative Operating System.

You can easily move between office and home carrying with you only your Secure-K and attaching it to whatever personal computer you may have.

With hardware and software encryption, Secure-K is especially suitable for all those sectors in which security is a crucial factor such as finance, insurance, healthcare, education, telecommunication, oil & gas and companies operating in “hot” or politically unstable areas of the world.

Secure-K comes with a complete back-end ecosystem that allows quick and easy integration with the existing enterprise IT infrastructure. In particular with Microsoft active directory; single sign-on; network printing; file server; SSL VPN and digital certificates, VDI and application streaming.

Being a Linux-based operating system, the hardware requirements are minimal. Obsolete PCs can become current and functional again.

Say goodbye to heavy laptop bags and backpacks. Finally a packet device that carries all your world inside it.

Secure-k is your Portable Personal WorkSpace that allows you to protect and keep safe your data and your privacy: in every situation and wherever you are.

Military-grade tamper proof hardware with PIN code dependent AES 256-bit encryption and an additional second layer software protection with AES 512-bit encryption. Secure-K is an Operating System, fitted in a USB body, completely built with security in mind.

It allows you to store all your sensitive data and to read, edit and manage it easily thanks to the complete pre-installed set of professional applications.

Secure-K can be used on almost every personal computer without leaving any trace on the host computer.

Flash memory in a rugged shell, waterproof, break and tamper proof.

Secure-K is WOW:

your Workspace On the Walk

Our K-Features

Secure-K has been developed with the top priorities of security and total integration with complex enterprise environments. To this purpose, we have developed several modules aimed at managing, maintaining and updating the entire platform quickly from a centralized location.

Simplified Deployment & PIN Generator

Quick and easy deployment thanks to Secure-K Deployer Software that allows to simultaneously prepare up to 24 USB devices in less then 2 minutes.

Asset Inventory

Track all installed devices and verify their hardware details, installed software packages and active processes – in real time.

Remote management

Remotely control devices for support and maintenance purposes.

USB Key sizing

Secure-K’s USB shell is available in different sizes, starting from 8 GB up to 256 GB.

Software Distribution

Deploy software packages to individual devices or groups of devices.

Update Management

Manage system updates through an internal server that distributes them based on specific and centrally-set rules.

Remote Wipe

Remotely delete all content from a device for added security in case of theft or loss.

Backup & Restore Self Service

With the DigitalArx server component, user data, preferences and domain settings are automatically and securely saved on remote servers for fast and easy recovery in case of disaster, left or loss. Always in accordance with corporate security rules.


Working Scenarios

With Secure-K we re-invented the WorkStation, making it more flexible, secure and mobile!
Secure-K it’s the perfect solution for these scenarios:

BYOD - Bring Your Own Device

Carry with you whatever computer you prefer and be totally sure that thanks to Secure-K you will grant secure and ruled access to your company network and data in every situation.

Disaster Recovery & Business Continuity

With Secure-K in your pocket you can afford a catastrophic scenario that may occur to your Company’s building being able to be immediately productive in the Disaster Recovery location independently from the hardware provided.

Cost Saving & Compliancy Rules

Secure-K can be used on every existing personal computer, even obsolete, saving you time and money for desktop acquisition and deployment/management to match the strict security policies of your company.

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